Tennessee Department Of Children's Services

Protecting Your Parental Rights And The Best Interest Of Your Children

The Department of Children's Services exists to help keep children safe in their home environments. If the Department of Children's Services (DCS) has reason to believe that your children are not safe living in your home, they will move quickly to have the children removed.

If you are a parent who is facing the termination of parental rights or if you are concerned that your children are not safe with their biological parent, it is critical to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

At the law office of Montpelier, Cole, Della-Rodolfa & Ford, P.C., we understand the urgency of matters involving Tennessee's Department of Children's Services, and we act immediately to protect our clients' rights. Our attorneys represent individuals in Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee in matters involving:

Understanding The Role Of The Guardian Ad Litem

When a guardian ad litem is appointed, that individual represents the child and is responsible for protecting his or her best interests. Although the family law judge does not automatically implement the guardian ad litem's suggestions, the recommendations carry a great deal of weight.

We work closely with our clients to help them understand the role of a guardian ad litem in custody proceedings. In some situations, a parent's seemingly innocuous actions can negatively influence the guardian ad litem's recommendations. We will be there for you to assist in any and all interactions that may be necessary during your case regarding the guardian ad litem.

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