Knoxville Adoption Attorney

Representation For Parents On Either Side Of The Process

For many families, adoption is a way to legally solidify existing relationships. In some situations, however, one biological parent may be unwilling to relinquish his or her parental rights to allow another parent adoption rights. Whether you are interested in adopting a child or are concerned about the termination of parental rights, an experienced Knoxville lawyer can provide the legal counsel you need.

At the law office of Montpelier, Cole, Della-Rodolfa & Ford, P.C., we represent parents throughout East Tennessee who are interested in adoption or need help protecting their parental rights. Our team of lawyers has decades of combined experience, and each of our attorneys has more than a decade of trial experience. We have the background and knowledge to protect our clients' best interests in a range of adoption matters, including:

  • Uncontested stepparent adoption
  • Kinship adoption
  • Contested adoption

Protecting The Best Interests Of The Child

When all parties involved — including both biological parents and the adopting parents — are in agreement about the best way to move forward, the adoption process can be very straightforward and timely. Kinship adoption (when a stepparent or family member is the adopting parent) allows parties to move through the process more seamlessly and efficiently. Our legal team provides counsel to parents at all stages of the process, including the preliminary and final home study, and during interactions with the guardian ad litem.

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