Knoxville Family Law Attorney

Whether you are facing the divorce process, are worried about having your children taken away or are interested in adopting children, you need to work with a Knoxville family law attorney who can protect your rights at every step of the process. At the law office of Montpelier, Cole, Della-Rodolfa & Ford, P.C., we provide professional, compassionate guidance in family law matters to individuals throughout East Tennessee, including matters involving:

We know this can be a frightening time, but we are here to provide a realistic assessment of your situation and the likely outcomes. We know that educating our clients about the likely outcomes in their cases allows them to prepare more fully and move forward most effectively.

Knowledgeable Of Updates To The Law

The laws governing family law change often, and our lawyers monitor the status of those laws, especially laws that impact same sex marriage and adoption. Whether you have questions about how potential changes in the law could impact you, or you want to know what to expect throughout the process, we can help. Learn more about the counsel we offer by scheduling a free telephone consultation. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 865-951-7324.